Paths, Paths, Paths

This blog is about a fairly boring, uninteresting element of OpenTH: The rendering of paths.

If you look at the original Theme Hospital, the paths were quite nicely rendered:

Paths in the original

Paths in the original

At the start of my little adventure into OpenTH’s rendering engine, the paths looked as follows:


Things were particularly bad when there were corners involved:

Paths with corners were a mess

Paths with corners were a mess

So now, I’ve made some new graphics (including new graphics for the paths themselves and I made 8 of the 12 side graphics required). The result is as below:

Looking a lot nicer now

Looking a lot nicer now

At one point I wondered if bricks would look better than concrete paths. The result, for your interest, is below:

Bricks kinda sorta look okay

Bricks kinda sorta look okay

Well, a little insight into one of the more boring aspects of the development of OpenTH. Still, it is nice to make it look better.

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4 Comments on “Paths, Paths, Paths”

  1. Alex Says:


    I like this bricks thing, looks more genuine. But on the other hand the original pathstyle is nice too, maybe there is a way to combine them too (bricks for interrior paths and standard for outterrior)? I’m not that happy on your second last photo, because for it looks a little bit too bold (i know it’s zoomed), maybe it’s just because the path has round edges and everything in Theme Hospital was hard edged (is this the right word?)

    thanks for this blog!

  2. vommie Says:

    I also think so, i like more hard-edged ways as it’s usual for isometry. I think as more it look the original the better it is. Can’t you copy & paste the original way graphics into your new engine graphic files? πŸ™‚ But i think that’s at this state of programming a irrelevant thing because of anything will get changed 100 times i think πŸ˜‰ Thanks for giving us a look at your problems πŸ™‚

  3. Jack Says:

    Hey, not signed in right now but: The important thing really is the code which does all this (its all nice and cached and such so it isn’t working out the edges on the fly). The old graphics can be brought back but I have no idea how, Paul will have to do that sometime.

    I agree it isn’t ‘sharp’ enough, although I did spend a while drawing those curved edges hehe.

  4. Noah Says:

    I have to agree with Alex, not a fan of the second one. On a side note, does anyone else get giddy when they see any TH screenshot? im sure im just messed up

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