A New Room: The AutoGP Office

When programming OpenTH, we occasionally see the potential for new types of room.

The OpenTH staff-in-room system is more complicated than in Theme Hospital. Rooms request which types of doctors they want, what skills they should have and how many. This is done by an external script. One thing we allow is the choice to be made based on the type of disease they have. So for instance some operations might require one doctor whilst others might require two or three. Some might also need a nurse present, others might not.

Besides this, we realised that a room need not require any staff at all. This gave us the idea for an ‘Auto-GP’ office. This is essentially a GP office which requires no doctors. A computer does all the work instead.

An AutoGP Office (Right)

An AutoGP Office

This can be an advanced room that could be beneficial for bigger hospitals, but at a hefty price. The reason we can have alternative GP Offices is that in OpenTH, GP Offices are not special in themselves. They are only special in that they have the generic “gp” property. Any room can have the “gp” property and it will automatically act like a GP Office. This means that different types of GP Offices (like usual and AutoGP, and perhaps, for instance, one where a junior doctor can watch and learn?) can be made. The same applies for staff rooms and so forth, although there seems to be less scope there.

You might be interested to hear that in fact these “AutoGP” computers do exist in specialist fields, like blood based diseases. In fact, they are more accurate at diagnosing these diseases than human doctors. Whether this will be reflected in the game is to be seen.

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17 Comments on “A New Room: The AutoGP Office”

  1. JuurtJ Says:

    Nice! It looks very cool!

  2. vommie Says:

    i need more english knowledges

  3. vommie Says:

    PS: Could you save screenshots as PNG in future? So they don’t get that blurry?

  4. openth Says:

    Vommie: Okay, sure.

  5. Sassy Says:

    I personally think this may create balance issues. The idea is fine but does change one of the very important elements of Theme Hospital (the need to carefully issue orders to staff). If you were going to add this (or other) rooms I believe it should be in a separate download so it is completely optional, only for those looking for a different experience from the original game.

  6. openth Says:

    All rooms, diseases, etc., are optional.

  7. Noah Says:

    Yeah, im not a HUGE fan of the auto-gp aye..but love the idea of adding new rooms..im all for that. Just the auto-gp takes some of the feel away for me..too simple, however this idea is promising ….

  8. pinchies Says:

    Ha! Awesome idea! Even as an option, you could still probably save this for higher levels though, e.g don’t introduce it until the player has mastered the classic TH strategy.

  9. I like the auto-GP, but it should of course be very expensive to buy, for instance the wage of a well-paid doctor x 60 months… only after a 5 years period it begins making money… and perhaps you should first research it (with the autopsy machine etc…) before it becomes available…

    Modern hospitals nowadays (here in Belgium) all have ATM-like machines – you put in your social security card and the machine knows who you are and tells you which doctor will see you at what time – thus replacing the human secretary at the entrance. Perhaps another idea?

  10. openth Says:

    Hey Felix, yes that is a good idea and the engine supports that already too 🙂

  11. Silva Says:

    I like the idea, if the room appears late in the game, and very expensive. Plus, if it’s optional, I guess it won’t harm.

    Speaking of levels, are you planning on adding a “sandbox” mode, where we can develop the hospital a bit like The Sims (creating the space ourselves) and progression like Yoot Tower (treat a number of patients then impress a VIP = up a level, with more goodies)? I really missed an open-ended mode in the game…

    About the staff required in rooms, I was wondering about the possibility of creating actual classes in med school. For instance, you could assign up to three students for a surgeon, along the regular classes, they would follow him inside (and after a while, even assist him in surgeries instead of requiring another specialist surgeon). The player, of course, should be able to split the time between theory and practical lessons.

  12. Noah Says:

    YES! Open-ended gameplay!!! Thats what we need

  13. openth Says:

    Hey Silva. I did consider that but thought it would anger people because it’d go too much against the spirit of the original game, which is rather uncomplicated. So I’m afraid if we ever get that, it won’t be for a while.

    I like the level-up sandbox idea! I’m sure we can do that.

  14. Sandbox mode would be – for me – the first reason to start playing OpenTH. I would like elevators, stairs and multiple floors of course… but otherwise just buying some space next to your first hospital would be nice as well (like in the original game).

    But on a very big map with 20 separate buildings the game will need a fast transport mode to get doctors and or nurses from one building to another. I already see patients and doctors walk for 15 minutes from room 1 to room 234 8-)))

  15. openth Says:

    I’m not sure about fast transport? What like a monorail? Or a shuttle bus or something? If that happens I’m afraid it’d be no time soon, but possibly something to think about.

    However, one of the biggest challenges of a big hospital is making it so people flow through it well.

  16. vommie Says:

    lol, Monorail. I think the possibility to set zones for the staff solves the problem of too long ways.

  17. You could of course have ‘horizontal’ elevators (a bit like the transporter in star trek). People would go in in building #1 and come out in building #23.

    No graphics needed, just an elevator room that opens its door and patients, doctors and nurses enter here and get out elsewhere… 8-)))

    Just daydreamin’!

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