I’ve Gone Crazy

Today, I woke up, and headed to the canteen for breakfast. When I reached my front door, instead of opening it, I knocked on it and waited. A few seconds later I realised that all the testing of OpenTH I’ve done, seeing the patient knock on doors and wait, has made me crazy.

Last nights work consisted of starting making picking up and dropping of staff members. This is actually more difficult than it sounds. When you pick up a doctor is has to safely deassociate itself from the room, and when you drop it, it has to associate itself with the room it is dropped in. However, what exactly that means depends a lot upon the room. Think of 4 examples:

  1. The GP Office
  2. The operating theatre
  3. The research department
  4. The staff room.

In the first case, the doctor you drop on should replace the doctor already there. In the second case, if the doctor you drop on is not a surgeon he should just leave the room. If he is, there should be a dialogue box asking the user which doctor to replace (in the original it just seemed to do something random and irritating so I think this is the best behaviour). In case 3, it should start the person researching if he is a researcher, and make him leave the room if he is not. In case 4 the doctor should start resting in the staff room.

So there is a nice system in place to deal with all these cases in OpenTH so that rooms have flexibility.

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15 Comments on “I’ve Gone Crazy”

  1. vommie Says:

    “If he is, there should be a dialogue box asking the user which doctor to replace” – Very good idea! The best would be when there popups a window you can compare tiredness and skills directly :). PS: I can understand you get crazy after seeing same parts of the game again and aigain a tousand times a day xD – don’t let it get you down!

  2. Noah Says:

    LOL did you go and sit down and wait after? Its amazing what little things like the “dialogue box asking the user which doctor to replace” would add to the game :)! P.S I thought of a new disease, The Flash Syndrome which causes patients to move really really fast (kinda like a consultant). I thought that this would be easyish to add to the game

  3. openth Says:

    I’m not that bad yet, lol. I might be by the next time though!

    Yes I think it might be useful.

    Flash Syndrome sounds good, yes! We’ll have to keep these ideas in mind for when we get around to that. Maybe you can help design the new diseases when we get around to that. What do you think the treatment should be?

    Speaking of that, I always thought it was a bit silly that consultants walk fast.

  4. Alex Says:

    Take your time! I got crazy playing TH myself today, resulting in a very strange date. Life first, Game second.

    Oh, treatment for Flash Syndrome should be something about cardiology.

    You got a mistyping in your text: “In case 4 the doctor should start resting in the research department.” – it should be staff room

    I think it would be very helpful having an option that allows you to decide on the staffs action after resting in the staff room. I’m thinking of a doctor returning to the room you picked him up after his rest. Yes, this makes it even more complicated, so it’s no must have.

  5. openth Says:

    Yes I think that is a good idea. If you drop somebody in a staff room it should ask what to do afterwards. It can always be an ‘advanced option’.

  6. Mortiga Says:

    Hi there, first of all, Keep up the good work!

    1 year ago, i wished that someone would make Open version of Theme hopsital (Theme Hospital Clinic forum that was).
    That dream is coming true now! 🙂

    I’m from Finland, so when the time comes, and you start to need translators for the game, im more than a happy to help you with Finnish translation.

  7. Noah Says:

    I have many different diseases in mind that ive always wanted to add, staying in line with the whole comedy that is Theme Hospital. (but dont even get me started on that stupid patch which added pregnancy … how is pregnancy witty and funny? grrr). Treatment for flash syndrome was just a run on the cardiology machine…either in a completely new room or in the cardiology room.
    Theres heaps I would like to add, and im really keen to help if your willing…

  8. openth Says:

    Cardiogram as a treatment was actually something I had considered. Rooms in OpenTH can be duel treatment and diagnosis (this was true in TH too with ward and psychologists room). When I was testing it I had the multipart disease “Santa Claus Syndrome” where you would be ‘Santa-looking’. A run on the treadmill loses your weight and the psychologists room convinces you to go back to normal. Perhaps might be worth adding but would require a new sprite. There might be somebody who can draw that though.

    Mortiga: That sounds good. Would you email me (jack_webster AT users.sourceforge.net) to confirm that request?

  9. openth Says:

    and actually, Noah, email that too so I can have your address in order to bug you at the time when making new diseases is relevant.

  10. vommie Says:

    If we can add own sprites/animations i think a big hamster wheel which is getting slower while the patient with flash syndrome runs in it would be quite funny 😀

  11. Noah Says:

    I thought adding animations would be difficult unless you have someone to draw them. If there is someone out there, it would help heaps with the diseases we could add. Ive always thought a physotherpy room that the doctors/nurses would help patients cure witty stress related illnesses, but we need an animator whos keen. Once we find them, it would open so much for this project.

    openth: Sure thing! Ill do that tonight!

  12. Alex Says:

    What about a lie detector room, I’m not sure what diseases could be cured or diagnosed by it, but this just came into my mind. Maybe a double-agent syndrom could fit to this idea.

  13. openth Says:

    Hopefully when the new forums are up, soonish, we’ll have a place to muse on these.

  14. Noah Says:

    Haha double agent syndrome..that goes on the list!

    The problem is that we dont have a forum yet so what ill do is keep a list of what we come up here and in future comment sections and post them all on the new forums, just so we dont lose these ideas.
    So far just for the record we have:

    Flash Syndrome: Which cause patients run really really fast
    Santa Claus Syndrome: Causes patients to dress up as santa (and i was thinking it only occuring between Nov – Feb?)
    And now Double Agent Syndrome: Causes patients to constantly lie about who they really are.

    I was also thinking down the line once we are all up and running to begin voting on which ones are keepers. And discuss which ones would need custom animations and which ones wouldnt (thus making them easier to add to game).

  15. openth Says:

    I like it! Sounds like you could have a really helpful role in all this too, Noah.

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