Disease Ideas

Hey everybody,

Just a quick one here. Noah has set up an email address for posting disease ideas (etc.) to. It is openTH.sickline@gmail.com. You may also submit to it suggestions for things for the blog to speak about and he will pass them on to me. The reason for the address is so he can weed out infeasible ideas.

We should soon have a new website soon complete with new forums, and we can then discuss any suggestions.

There was a previous suggestion about the disease which made you walk very quickly. I am interested in other diseases which would do things to you other than change your animation in particular, because then I can make sure the code is there to allow you to do that.

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16 Comments on “Disease Ideas”

  1. massl Says:

    hey there=)
    just wanted to tell you not to stop the project!!! I love it =) I hope a preversion will be realeased this year=)

    maybe a new disease:
    transexuell? or wouldnt it be okay?
    the person should go to psychatrist.

    greetz, massl

  2. openth Says:

    Okay we won’t stop!

    Transexuality isn’t a disease and I think a lot of people would be offended if anybody suggested it was =P Although sprite wise it would be easy.

  3. vommie Says:

    Transexuality a disease?! That would be racist.
    But I think a “Being in wrong body”-disease could be funny, so patients could get a gender reassignment. This would be cool because it’s easy to do: GP’s Office –> Psychiatrist –> Operating theater.

    Yaah I know, should write to new eMail-adress πŸ˜€ but I’ll wait till new forum goes online, because there’s a discussion-plattform needed for new diseases.

    But I think all new diseases should get optional in sandbox or endless games. Could you make an option in preferences to activate/deactive a “classic mode” (new diseases on/off, new research-system on/off, …)? Of couse it’s not needed for scenario because this is OpenTH, a own project – but a modular system for endless games would be quite cool I think. I wouldn’t like to see too much new diseases without new sprites, animations and rooms.

    • Jaclyn Says:

      Keeping JavaFX looking current and modern is also important. Also it is different people who work on Glass (Platform Ineagrttion Layer) that will need to add always on top.

  4. Noah Says:

    Massel: Nice idea, but we have to stick to the joking ways of TH and not make it too serious aye. So we are keeping away from real life ..er.. lets call them personality traits.. that could offend some ppl if we classified them as a DISEASE when they are obviously just being who they are.

    At the moment, there’s not a lot of new disease animations that can added… mainly cause there is no animator on board, but hey you never know what we can work out! And i am getting really good ideas via the email address.

    If anyone would like a current list of diseases that our little “community” has come up with already, flick me an email to OpenTH.sickline@gmail.com. We are up to 8 now πŸ˜€

  5. The gender machine was previously discussed at rounddonut (http://rounddonut.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=92). I quite like this idea, but the ‘disease’ itself should be funny. You could call it VictorVictorialitis or something… man walks in… door closes… woman comes out (and vice versa)…

    Same goes for the maternity ward to finally use the pregnancy patch at full blast (http://rounddonut.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=114). We all know that pregnancy isn’t a disease don’t we…

    I don’t know how the game is programmed, but I would like it if add-ons could be inserted like in the Sims. A full add-on would consist of new graphics and code for a new disease. Including patients and machines and the interaction between doctors, nurses, patients and machine(s). I someone does not like a certain add-on you just disable it from you game (a bit like in the nightly builds of Openttd where you can download new graphics, industries, AI, etc…).

    Creating your own diseases could be done (just dreaming here) by having a stand-alone scenario and graphics editor.

  6. openth Says:

    “But I would like it if add-ons could be inserted like in the Sims”

    Yes this is possible. All data is external. The interactions are programmed using Lua, an external scripting language, and all sprites are external. So it is not a dream, it is the design!

    Same with maps as well, as there will be a level editor.

    So yes gender changing can be done. With careful wording it doesn’t have to be offensive to anyone either. Pregnancy too can be done although of course we need sprites.

  7. Noah Says:

    Hmm pregnancy…..i guess we will add that to the list…

  8. Silva Says:

    I was watching A Clockwork Orange yesterday, and wondered if we could use a Ludovico Technique room somewhere…

  9. openth Says:

    Oh haven’t watched that for a while, what happens in that room for a while? Good film! Not sure about the book…

  10. Paul Stewart Says:

    A few suggestions which may seem stupid but i have a spare 10 miinutes here πŸ™‚

    1. Corns (not normal corns but patient actualy has corns for feet)

    2.Mad Cow disease (patient dressed in cow skin? ..clothes)

    3.Band Aids (A group of musician like patients all needing treatment)

    4.Tennis Elbow (Sure there is something funny to be thought of)

    5.Cyclops disease (One eye etc etc)

    6.Halitosis (Simple pharmacy cure needed)

    7.Jichael Mackson Disease (Patients moonwalk backwords or just backwards – Phychiatrist needed!)

    Id be happy to add more ideas if required πŸ™‚

  11. Tom Says:

    From the above, I really like Mad Cow! Corns and Tennis Elbow are good as well.

  12. ChronoSentinel Says:

    Can you guys make the symptoms into modules and then treat diseases as presets)? The disease would progress and triggers new symptoms as time passes and worsens the condition.

    What I mean is, a patient starts off coming into your clinic/hospital saying that he/she has a cough. The GP office(with a very stupid doctor) sends him/her to the pharmacy to get treated. A few days after the treatment he/she still has the cough but now with a new symptom, dizziness. He/She comes back to the hospital to do a check-up and was sent to the x-ray and finds tumors on his/her lungs. The patient was then sent to the OR to get a sample of that thing for biopsy. If too much time passed before they tested the thing positive for lung cancer, the patient would be too late to be saved and is left on the ward to die. If it’s still early, he/she is sent to the OR to operate.

    I know this is so un-Theme-Hospital but look on the bright side, more challenge and diseases. Also, with this module-based design, multiple diseases on the same patient is possible. Then maybe you can add more special symptoms/stuff for diseases through LUA, etc.. What’s better is that when some symptoms, like seizures happen, you can execute something to make it more realistic i.e. for seizure, patient faints and is sent to the ward.

  13. Aaron Says:

    What about instead of just a doctors office, you have an emergency room and make the hospital more realistic with a busy ER department

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