Sound Extractor Available

I have written a sound extractor which can extract all the sounds used in Theme Hospital to wave files. These will be used in OpenTH. Some of the sounds and announcer’s lines are not used in the game but are quite funny and might be used in OpenTH.

Source Code available on the OpenTH SVN.

Sound Extractor Binary

Ted John, 19/03/09

Edit by Jack: For people who, for whatever reason, cannot use this program I have uploaded a selection of some of the sounds: Download (1MB)

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6 Comments on “Sound Extractor Available”

  1. vommie Says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Possibly there is only a “SOUND-2.DAT” in “SOUND\DATA\”?

  2. Edvin Says:

    What language do you have the game in? Does it work to extract the SOUND-2.DAT file?

  3. openth Says:

    Try renaming SOUND-2.DAT to SOUND-0.DAT, it should work as long as the number of sounds are the same.

  4. Russkoll Says:

    Where are the wave files extracted to?

  5. vommie Says:

    Tried to rename, but it doesn’t work too. Possible it’s because I am using XP x64? The ingame-language is german.

  6. openth Says:

    This is Jack: Vommie, I have uploaded an example of the sounds for you.

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