Revision 300 and new Level Editor

Hello everyone! We’ve reached the 300th revision of OpenTH. Recently, Paul has been working on rendering and the user interface and Coops has been working on porting the code to SDL and cleaning it up. His work is still in the branch for now but if everything goes okay it will be merged into the trunk soon.

I’ve been working on a level editor, and changing the level loading code to reflect that. It is written in C# (and so is mostly for Windows unless somebody gets it working with Mono) and uses Ted’s tile control. Here is a screen shot:

The Level Editor

The Level Editor

I would give you a screen shot of what it looks like loaded into OpenTH, however paths and so forth are currently not functioning as the way they are rendered is going to be upgraded, so you’ll have to wait for that.

The bad news is that the level editor is a bit slow at the moment. If you are a C# programmer and you want to help, then perhaps you will consider improving the editor? Post in the forum or private message me or reply here or email me (jlnw3 (at) or talk to me on MSN ( if you are interested in that.

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5 Comments on “Revision 300 and new Level Editor”

  1. vommie Says:

    Cool, cool – i’m really getting nervous 😀 I love map editors and the ability to create own scenarios. Looks quite good yet, hope you can solve the problems 🙂

  2. massl Says:

    good job:) im very curious about openth =)=)=)

  3. Zpace Says:

    Omg! You guys are awesome! Nice work, I can´t wait to play it :D!

  4. DB86 Says:

    Would love to see this take off, some of my old faves went OpenSource and I’d be thrilled to see it occur with OpenTH.

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