Other games that can be based upon our engine

I’ve stressed a few times that OpenTH is quite flexible and things are not hard coded as much as is possible. Someone mentioned at some point they’d like to see the engine used for other types of ‘Theme’ games.

Outside games are out of the question really, like Rollercoster Tycoon, Theme Park, Railroad Tycoon, Sim City or Sim Farm. However, there are some indoor games which could be in some way made. Managing:

  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Hotels
  • Malls or department stores
  • Casinos
  • The office of a large company or government perhaps definitely sounds like the next hit game of the future!)

A lot of these already exist in some form, but often fall into the trap of being “too 3D”. The isometric viewpoint has proved to be the best for these sorts of games, I think. Proper 3D looks ugly and is harder to control.

Obviously for each one things would have to change (mostly the concept of a disease won’t make sense anymore) but it’d probably be possible. Imagine instead of diagnosis rooms having science labs and gym halls, setting the class sizes, and hiring teachers instead of doctors. It might almost be fun. Perhaps.

A screenshot from School Tycoon

'School Tycoon' exists, although it got awful reviews. Could OpenTH be used to make a decent version?

I’ve never played Dungeon keeper so I don’t know about that, but it sounds like a really good concept.

Well it is something for a long time in the future, but perhaps somebody will someday fork OpenTH to make it into one or all of these games. It is possible! For now we definitely will not be looking at extending the game in these directions though, as making a hospital game is enough work in itself!

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14 Comments on “Other games that can be based upon our engine”

  1. Joey Says:

    Yeaa.. Wow.. I like it! ๐Ÿ™‚ But, like you said, let’s not look *too* far ahead, yet. Hopefully this kinda news can get other dev’s onboard.

  2. Patrickv Says:

    We don’t want to go out of context on theme hospital. Otherwise it just ruines the game

  3. openth Says:

    Dungeon Keeper isn’t really 3D, it has it’s own sort of 3D perspective which can be rotated. When you become the creatures the view turns sort of into first person shooter, but this is a very minor part of the gameplay. I like dungeon keeper more than Theme Hospital but it is a bit more complex as it contains a lot of fighting and prob. would need a full 3D engine.

    A second dungeon keeper was made but I wasn’t as good as the original one. I would love to see an open source clone of DK though.

    — Ted

  4. Silva Says:

    When I was wandering around my old high-school, I often thought how a “theme school” would look, so it might be an interesting idea, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… But I’m pretty sure there are ideas that can be easily adapted to the format, and as long as they’re given some thought, we can beat the low-budget commercial offerings.

  5. Paul Stewart Says:

    I have to agree about dungeon keeper it was simply brilliant. I installed it again the other day and whilst the game still is good it just isn’t fluent in the way you would expect these days, with a bit of a mess around it would be great once again. First things first Theme Hospital 1.5 please!

  6. Vinh Lengoc Says:

    Out of interest, what game engine are you using? The Source engine could be a good one, since it has advanced face modelling built into the SDK – and I think good face posing would make this game very funny ie. Bloated Head

  7. GregGD Says:

    I am designing a game about occult healing. It involves mediums but is largely inspired by TH.
    People come to know about their future, or they want you to channel a dead spirit, or they need a potion to make one fall in love for instance.
    I’d love to use OpenTH because the display is very similar but the main difference is : some “rooms” are caravans so they can be dragged around (during consultation maybe. Also there are many roads arounds and you have to attract traveller’s, only few come to your door, or doors. Are these really problems?
    I will send you the gamedesign document, it will be ready shortly, I’d be pleased to hear from you on it.
    Gregory Tantucci

  8. openth Says:

    Greg, posting on the forums is the best thing to do.

  9. draekonyss Says:

    I think if you want to make other management games, you have to develop a versatile engine.
    Theme Hospital will be just specific settings, as Theme School, or why not Theme MiniMarket, Theme FastFood, etc…(just silly example for the two last :p)
    Anyway ! Seems being a really interesting project

  10. WLAN Router Says:

    of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option ‘;”

  11. Chris Says:

    Can you tell me if you’re still working on the TH project and if you need any help?
    I’d like to lend a hand if needed ๐Ÿ™‚

    That aside, I’d think Theme School or Hotel be the next logical step. I played School Tycoon, as yes, it was god awful. There was so much potential to be had but with the wrong developers, ideas like this go down the drain.

  12. Jesse Mcartney Says:

    this is a cool game!

  13. Jennie Says:

    i like this game it is ok if i had to choose 1-10 it would be a 5

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