Adding new in-game graphics

At the current state the game uses the in-game graphics from the original game, and that is all well for those who own a copy of it – and still know where it is. For the rest of us, however, it will be quite hard to play the game without them. Therefore we’ve started a graphics replacement project similar to what OpenTTD has. The project is still in its very early stages – there are no finished objects – but here are some examples of what we’re currently working on.

Work by Bami:



Work by Kamo:


Litter Bin

Work by vommie:


Follow the development in the art section of the forum.

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9 Comments on “Adding new in-game graphics”

  1. Paul Stewart Says:

    You need to ditch the moniter and keyboard looks very messy

  2. massl Says:

    The Plant looks like a 1minute-work 😦
    On the desk the mouse is missing.
    And the red thing at the radiator looks like an alert siren thing. Why dont you do that in gray or something like that like its in real life.
    but nice work keep it up

  3. Silva Says:

    I’ve had a look in those sprites you’ve sent me, and was puzzled with the ammount of sprites everything required. Were those memory dumps, or is the thing really that messy? Either way, I’ve managed to make a small concept of my ageing doctors idea – they all look alike as juniors, but time makes them either bald or just with silvery hair.

    I’m liking the new graphics, although they look a bit too similar to the original graphics.

  4. Alex Says:

    Thanks for all your work on this, but to be honest I don’t like the new graphics, except the bench. They all look like try-hard-to-be-3D, that shouldn’t be personal offensive. On my opinion the graphic should be more simple and original than having those great details and 3D. Back to the roots 🙂

  5. vommie Says:

    Ey, the author of this blog has forgot to say that this stuff is still work in progress – and he showed the full size images. but they’ll get resized and pixeled up, then they look in a complete other way. They don’t need to be high poly. F.e. my desk in original size:

    And it’s not finished yet. Because of missing items like the mouse, we had a discussion about how much we are orientating on original graphics. In original there is no mouse – should there be one in the remake? I’ll add one. But there are discussion in background and it’s complete work in progress – so don’t be to hard! (but critic is of course welcome :))

  6. Lego3 Says:

    I thought it was self-explanatory that it was work in progress, especially from “in its early stages”. And that they aren’t in the final game size… Who could possibly believe that the desk would fill half the screen when playing??

  7. Crimson Hikari Says:

    not so taken with the desk but I love the others.

    what about having a variety of desks, like ones with imac like screens and some with full computer towers on them? just an idea, especially if this is gonna be cross-platform!

    • Silva Says:

      I wouldn’t say cross-platform, but I’ve mentioned different “skins” depending on the hospital kind (public run-down vs expensive private clinics)… That could well be part of the difference between them

    • Someone Says:

      Actually, I quite like the desk preview, not so much the others.

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