We’re back!

Hello everyone!

You will have noticed the project has been dead for a while. This is because we’ve all had exams. But now they are over! At least for Paul and I. Hopefully we will get to do some more programming soon on the project.

Other developers also have various commitments but hopefully will come back into the game this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

– Jack

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11 Comments on “We’re back!”

  1. pinchies Says:

    Great! I for one finish exams in a week… see you guys then!

  2. Mat Says:

    Good luck guys.

    Just found your website and think the idea is excellent!

  3. Silva Says:

    I’m still around, so if you need anything on the design aspects, contact me.

  4. Lailonn Says:

    I think you guys need to update this site. Look at wenosth.org or openttd.org Players likes to know what is happening with project and see some progress ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve hope you will release this game – I loved once TH and can ressurect this feelings ;D

    ps. Hope my english was good enough ^^

  5. Tanny Says:

    Oh god, I just heard about this project.

    Please don’t go the way of 95% of fanbased projects and perish due to inactivity, I really really want an open source Theme Hospital, I fucking loved that game.

  6. Alexander Says:

    Iยดm so looking forward to this! If there is anything I can do except programming I would love to help.
    Just send me an email mem@meminus.co.uk

  7. CH Says:

    Don’t worry, I had exams too so everything I normally did went on hold for a month-long period.

    Good to see this project is still in progress, because I can’t wait to see the finished product and a demo!

  8. liam dawe Says:

    Woo keep up the good work!

  9. Ove Says:

    Good luck You guys. As I know nothing of programming, I can only provide moral support – I hope it matters ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. TR Says:

    Really excited for you guys and the progress your making. Can’t wait to see everything as you work on this project!

  11. Dennis Says:

    I wish you guys good luck on this project. I liked the original Theme Hospital very much. Really sad that there are so few games of this great format around. It would be great to have an open source version of this game around. Once again, good luck!

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