What has been happening

So the code has had the following changes applied to it by Paul. Most of these are internal things which you won’t care about.

  1. We don’t use GUIChan anymore, the poorly written user-interface library that was used. OpenLayer, Allgegro and SDL are gone too. Freetype (for fonts), libpng (for png loading) and Lua (for scripting) are all the dependencies we have now.
  2. UI and event system rewritten
  3. Fonts rendered more efficiently. Textures handled in a more programmer-friendly way.
  4. Unicode is supported nearly everywhere, so it will work in non-Latin languages too in future.
  5. Coding is more consistent now

So these are big, important changes. The bad side is it doesn’t work right now. However, just when I was going to repair these changes we noticed some code had been deleted by TSVN. This is annoying to say the least (especially for Paul). However, it will be rewritten and the repairs will come into effect and we will have a better core.

Then I’m not entirely sure what is next. Whatever we feel like I suppose. Drag and Drop can be improved, staff rooms & research can be better implemented and we want to change the way outside objects are rendered to name three things. I will also try and tidy up Lua sometime and make a guide but I don’t want to do it quite yet. Machine/Person interaction is high on the list too.

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11 Comments on “What has been happening”

  1. Free Gamer Says:

    What next? How about a playable release? πŸ˜‰

  2. pinchies Says:

    Two questions: What is the core game coded in? Was there a reason for getting rid of SDL?
    Thanks for working so hard on this!

    • OpenTH Says:

      It’s just OpenGL now. It wasn’t ever coded in SDL, the porting was not completed. It was written in Allegro with OpenLayer, but OpenLayer was horrible and so had to be removed.

  3. haru Says:

    I’ve been recently replaying Theme Hospital for the summer and I just want to say I can’t wait for this remake! Hope this gets more publicity.

    Great effort.

    • OpenTH Says:

      Thanks! I’m sure we’ll get publicity when there is a demo but the size of the community right now works quite well for us. There are interested people to spur us on but there isn’t massive amount of pressure yet so we can take care.

  4. Corsix Says:

    Is C++ Boost still a requirement, or has that been trimmed out too?

    • OpenTH Says:

      System, Filesystem and DateTime are all used. This is good because they are cross-platform πŸ™‚

      Also I should mention music has been removed for now. It will be rewritten as SDL_Mixer sometime I think.

  5. Karl Entwistle Says:

    Great work guys, can’t wait for a playable demo. πŸ™‚

  6. Lucius6 Says:

    Good work. Next step a playable demo. But don’t rush things too much because everyone is asking for it. People often tend to make mistakes then.

    • OpenTH Says:

      Yeah it is a difficult one. We want to have it so that it is somewhat playable when we release it.

      We’ll probably release it to translators first, too. This enables us to weed out problems.

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