What should the dialog for the room select look like? (Updated)

Hey everyone. I’ve spent all of today programming you’ll be pleased to know. There isn’t a massive amount to show for it, but I’ve gone about fixing some of the things that changed. The only other new features is that now there are error dialog boxes, which strangely wasn’t on anybodies request list.

However, one thing I was wondering is what should we do with the dialog box for selecting rooms. Currently it has the tabs down the left, like the original TH one, and then a list box just saying the names, which is rather boring. To remind you, here is what the original one was like:

The room selector from Theme Hospital

The room selector from Theme Hospital

I really like the little picture previews. It says cost, what other information could we give? (For instance, minimum size, doctors required, number existing, any technology upgrades?)

Suggestions welcome and mockups doubly welcome!

Update: And just because I know you guys are dying to see it, here is the new message dialog class used for errors. The interesting thing I suppose is that this new GUI is completely custom written so it isn’t rubbish.

You guys love error messages! Right?

You guys love error messages! Right?

and here is the current selector:

The room build dialog in OpenTH right now

The room build dialog in OpenTH right now

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18 Comments on “What should the dialog for the room select look like? (Updated)”

  1. David Says:

    My first comment, after resurrecting Theme Hospital in Dosbox and finding your blog completely by mistake.

    What other new rooms do you plan, if any? If there are some, the category list might need expansion.

    Implementing something similar to what exists now (with a category list, room list and brief preview) would work in the meantime. GUI expansions can come later, as OpenTTD showed.

    • Stephen Says:

      Yeah I was thinking it might be best to use what you have and expand on it once you have a stable version, like what OpenTTD did. Something basic in the meantime, and then more GUI based in future versions.

  2. Jakkus Says:

    With the higer resolutions available, i’d suggest to put in another box (under the preview image?) with some of the info you suggested, specially the doctors requirements and the size.

  3. Silva Says:

    Other than a few changes to fit with the rest of the interface, I can only think of very little to add to the room selector.

    I’ll try to whip a mockup later.

  4. vommie Says:

    I would like to have a sidebar like in Sim City on the left side where you can quickly access all the time rooms, objects & staff. Why using a alien popup in our times with that big resolutions? 🙂

    • OpenTH Says:

      Hm it’ll be interesting to see how popular that idea is. I must say I’ve never liked sidebars though…

      • David Says:

        Building is not as common an option in Theme Hospital. Perhaps a radically different UI is necessary, but I don’t think a sidebar is the best solution.

  5. zproxy Says:

    Total awesome. Keep up the good work with Open Theme Hospital 🙂

  6. benne Says:

    Thumbs up for your project.
    But maybe it’s best to stick to the old and wellknown design if the goal is to recreate this classic game 🙂

  7. Ove Says:

    You’ve done nice job with it.
    As for the list box minimum size would be rather useful. Staff required is so casual that it’s usually easily memorized. Technology upgrades would be great. Even after several years of playing I haven’t figured them out…
    Pictures should be mandatory 😀

  8. Okulo Says:

    Here’s an idea: Have a windowed build menu, like the classic TH. When this build menu is pulled up, you can choose the room you want to build, and continue as always, but there’s also a “Details” button that brings you to a seperate screen/window.

    This separate window explains what the room does, what disease(s) it cures (so far), etc etc.
    It satisfies both the people who know these rooms inside out, and it provides a reference for those who need to have their memories refreshed.

    • Okulo Says:

      Here, I’ve made a mockup of what I mean.

      There’s the usual category, rooms list and cancel button (relocated), and in that empty spot there would be a picture of an important item in the room, as in TH.

      In the rooms list you can see the base price of the room and a button with an arrow. When you click on the arrow next to the price, you will go to a larger screen with every bit of information on the room in question.

  9. mirek2 Says:

    How about a pop-up menu? That way, the mouse distance from the “Build” button to the Room item would be shorter and there would be no need for a cancel button (one would just click off).

    Mockup: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B_RBf0YVtxzkMmM0MmNkZTUtZjhjZS00YjNlLTkwOTktMzMzZmJhZGFmMTNl&hl=en

    Notes: The “Staff” column should also use skill icons (instead of doctor icons) to indicate required doctor skills (psychiatrist, surgeon, …)
    The preview on the right shows only on hover, and so does the advanced information below it.

  10. AnderSaymon Says:

    Após muita tentativa de achar um Theme Hospital Portable que não dê pau e principalmente que SALVE o jogo, resolvi eu mesmo arrumar a cópia original do jogo e modificar. Disponibilisei para download COMPLETO PORTABLE (não precisa instalar) em Português e pode SALVAR O JOGO.

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