Google Wave Invites

Hello, just quickly telling everybody that I have five Google Wave invites left if anybody wants them.

The project is not progressing too much at the moment, however in the University holidays OpenTH should progress. I believe CorsixTH is in the same situation.

So, sorry that it has been so quiet around here but don’t give up =)

Update: They are all gone now, sorry!

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20 Comments on “Google Wave Invites”

  1. Beo Says:

    Could I have one maybe?:)

    (prinsboudewijn at gmail)

    Good luck with OpenTH!
    I can’t wait for the first alpha:)


  2. James Raspass Says:

    I would love one if you’re offering jraspass (at)

  3. Davide Says:

    Hi, could I have one too? My email should be visible for admins… Thank you 🙂 (please don’t abandon this project!!!)

  4. pinchies Says:

    Hey, I would love one!
    I’ll be watching the project and helping out where I can as well… uni holidays are great.

  5. ReaperTK Says:

    Glad to hear the project’s still alive.

    I, too, would enjoy an invite.

    reapertk at gmail

  6. Xim Says:

    Hey if you still have invites available I would enjoy one. Levistrauss32 (at)

    btw I hope you don’t abandon the project. TH was one of my favorite games in the day.

  7. neuralshock Says:

    Hi there,

    If you can send me an invitation too. Thanks in advance!

    (e-mail visible for admins)

  8. […] które znalazłem, chyba tylko CorsixTH jest działający (beta 2). Inne to OpenTH (na swoim blogu autor pisze o problemach z czasem, co chyba jest normalne przy takim trybie wydawania gier) i Java […]

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