CorsixTH Beta 5

The CorsixTH project has seen a lot of development over that last year, and during the holidays the team made their fifth release called Beta 5.

For more information on what has been added, visit our wiki here.

The last post on this blog was about Beta 2, so the smart reader has already figured out there have been two more releases in between these. Changelogs for those are found here and here.

As always we’re looking for more people interested in contributing to our great project. If you’re one of them, get in touch!

Downloads, including installers for both Windows, Mac OS and Linux, can be found in our Downloads section.


Hoping you will have a great time playing the game!

– The CorsixTH Team

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12 Comments on “CorsixTH Beta 5”

  1. Mirek2 Says:

    I’m guessing that OpenTH is either on hiatus or dead, from the silence on blogs and the dead forum.

  2. Lianne Says:

    Ive downloaded the things i need to play theme hospital but it still says that it wont install?
    can you help me? i havent got a clue what to do

  3. Lego3 Says:

    Are you trying the original game? Then I can’t help you. If you’re trying to install CorsixTH, what exactly does it say?

  4. Our translation is progressing. Now we have a question.
    That are experiencing garbled Japanese.
    Please tell me if there is something wrong, so I put the .lua image file.

    The picture below, when the image set utf-8.

    The picture below, when the image set unicode.

    We have to start up a site for Japan.
    In this case, what I like to use the logo.
    I’m not familiar with the program,sorry.

    • lego3 Says:

      With our new unicode system you don’t need neither “utf8”, nor “unicode” there. Instead you need to put


      at the top of the file. You also need to add a new line to the configuration file

      unicode_font = [[PATH_TO_FONT_FILE]]

      that points to a font file of your choice.
      Finally the game must be compiled with freetype2 enabled. There is no good tutorial on this yet, but hopefully one will pop up on the wiki soon.

  5. Andreas Wellander Says:

    I’m playing corsixth and I love it! But the handyman error is really annoying. I have built a huge super-hospital, but I can’t employ any handymen (the game freezes). I know you’re aware of the problem, but in the meantime:

    Is there a way for me to edit the code somewhere so that the plants don’t need watering, and the machines don’t breakdown?

  6. viktor Says:

    great, again playing 🙂 but game sometimes freeze.. win7

  7. cottoncandy Says:

    I just discovered CorsixTH and this is the best thing ever since Doom HD^^

    I’m so grateful and overjoyed so many more seem to like this “little, old game”. Thank you your efforts and keep up the good work with improving system compability and fixing whatever bugs.

  8. Kwinten De Smedt Says:


    any news yet? :O 🙂

    • lego3 Says:

      Depends on what you mean by news… Beta 6 was released three months ago, not sure if another release will be done in two weeks, but it might happen.

  9. nils Says:

    hi, nice work on that 🙂
    but zoom doenst work for me, how come? mousweel zoom not working, also tested the obvious keys..
    any help? 🙂

  10. Snapchat Tips & Tricks Says:

    I could not refrajn from commenting. Perfectly written!

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