CorsixTH Beta 2

In what is the beginnings of a quarterly release schedule, the second beta of CorsixTH was released a few days ago.

CorsixTH March 2010

A screenshot from CorsixTH Beta 2

There have been a number of notable changes in the three months since beta 1, including: save / load functionality, emergencies, a tutorial, new treatment / diagnosis rooms, and new UI screens. Despite this, there are still things which aren’t implemented yet – if you’d like to help, then get in touch.

Like OpenTH, CorsixTH uses the original graphics. So you will need an original copy of the game installed, or alternatively a copy of the demo. As previously, don’t forget to open up config.txt before launching CorsixTH to ensure that the path to the original data is correct (if you take advantage of the new CorsixTH Windows installer, then this is handled for you).


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15 Comments on “CorsixTH Beta 2”

  1. Fowl Says:

    Sorry, I’m confused. What is the relationship between CorsixTH and OpenTH?

  2. vommie Says:

    Already played it. It’s really great! Too much requests for higher salary, it’s really no fun to play with those hundrets requests per minute 😦

    But it’s really fast progress and almost playable, I’m very impressed of the fast and good development of CorsixTH.

  3. Simon Says:

    This is so great. Im more and more impressed each time.

  4. It seems that CorsixTH is getting somewhere and rather fast. This must be about the fifth attempt to make a TH remake (that I am aware of) and this one seems to keep on going strong.

    Keep up the good work guys and remember, it took Open TTD 6 years to come up with version 1.0 and that with dozens of coders, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of people joining their forum.

    I sincerely hope CorsixTH will grow into a monster.

  5. Mythos Says:

    Beta 2 is very playable, very cool! Waiting for the goals in beta 3.

  6. Soochie1 Says:

    Love it πŸ™‚

  7. viktor Says:

    whats new about game?

  8. Olav Says:

    Woho! I just discovered CorsixTH, and this looks promising. Downloading it now πŸ™‚

  9. Kyle Says:


    downloaded but its just too difficult to install, ive got a mac and would love to play TH on mac. But its impossible with all this compiling and stuff.

    Can we not jsut have a simple download that does everything?


  10. Shawna Says:

    I so missed playing TH so much over the years and discovered this version just last nite.

    However, is anyone having the same problem once the scientists discover the surgery room and you start building it? The second I want to confirm the surgery room at the end the windows freeze. (Window with the confirmation of the room as well as the litte explanatory text for the surgery room.) I can still see the patients moving around but I cannot do anything. Neither save nor close the message windows. I can only shut down the whole game… unsaved.

  11. James Kidd Says:

    So its 2am and im talking to people on irc about theme hosp, i then think how great it would be if someone made an open source version like opencarmageddeom, then i google TH and find this <3<3

    Keep up the good work its looking great.

  12. V2Blast Says:

    Like Kyle, I’m having trouble getting it working on Mac. After several hours, I’ve downloaded and installed XCode, MacPorts (which needed XCode), and done “port install libsdl_mixer” in Terminal.

    If I double-click on the “CorsixTH” file in Finder, it opens Terminal and does… nothing, as far as I can tell. After about a second, it gives me a new line, as if it’s done installing something. (Except nothing is different.)

    Another problem: Your Google Code website is down. It gives me a “server error”.

  13. I have managed, WEB hosting services in Japan.
    We are very interested in developing your project “OpenTH”.
    this is very interesting project, Because I think “Theme Hospital” is a very fun game.
    So I think this game tell the people of Japan.
    Theme Hospital was released in Japan were Japanese translation. But it did not become famous.
    So, I thought. I can tell the fun of this game to many Japanese.
    So I hope.
    OpenTH let correspond to Japanese.
    also my team will cooperate Japanese translation.
    In addition,
    I will open “OpenTH”‘s pages written in Japanese on my server.
    I will also help support the Japanese people.
    We look forward to your reply.

    • lego3 Says:

      Fufufu-server: If you mean the CorsixTH project, you’re very welcome to give support for a japanese version. πŸ™‚ We’ve just added support unicode fonts, so translations will work too. Have a look at and

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